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Hollywood Soccer Club Incorporates PCA Principles in "Stay Playing" Challenge


PCA partner, Hollywood Soccer Club has started a "Stay Playing" Challenge for their players as a way to stay engaged while not playing.

The first activity in this challenge includes explaining ELM and creating a mistake ritual. Positive Coaching Alliance uses the acronym ELM (Effort, Learning, Mistakes are OK), to keep coaches, athletes and parents mindful of a Mastery focus.

The second part of this activity involved creating a mistake ritual, asthletes must train to move on from mistakes quickly and often. At Positive Coaching Alliance, we recommend players and teams adopt a mistake ritual. This can take on many forms. Coaches, players and teams should pick whatever works for them. No matter what the mistake ritual entails, it's important for players and teams to develop a strategy for overcoming mistakes in sport. Ultimately, players and teams that are comfortable recovering from mistakes, will also be able to develop new skills more readily because they won't have a fear of mistakes. This approach to mistakes in sports is paramount for success on the field, and we recommend players take the time to self-assess their current and future approaches to mistake recovery.

Big shoutout to Hollywood Soccer Club for using this time to promote PCA principles, now more than ever!

The challenge goes through November 13, 2020 and there are prizes for participants. 

Interested in participating or learning more?* Visit

*Must be within the Hollywood community and part of HWSC to participate.


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