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Grant Cardwell


Triple-Impact Competitor® Finalist, Class of 2017

Dunedin High School
Dunedin, FL

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Student Athlete Profile

Grant Cardwell is a wrestler from Dunedin High School. He knows you can't have hard work without discipline. The 3 most important ways that I make myself better is through discipline, sacrifice, and perseverance. The discipline required in the sport of wrestling involves important details that can have a tremendous effect on your performance. Most athletes can work hard and push themselves to the limit, but it takes great discipline to recover with the proper nutrients and sleep habits. Wrestling requires a strict diet and hard work. Discipline requires sticking to routines and developing habits that can result in making yourself a better and more effective athlete. I also make myself a better athlete through sacrifice and perseverance.”

Not only does Grant motivate his teammates to be better, but also his coaches. Grant's coaches have noticed his work ethic, and push themselves to be better for him. “Grant’s work ethic is rarely matched however, he often encourages our younger wrestlers to stay after practice so that he can help them with a move or so that he himself can work on some new technique. It is common for Grant to spend a great deal of time watching videos of his own matches and seek ways to improve his skills. As a result of Grant’s commitment to excellence, he has forced our coaching staff to work hard to identify counters to moves that were used against him. In my thirteen years as a head coach at Dunedin, I have never had a wrestler who has been as driven to get better.

High School: Dunedin High School, Dunedin, FL

Coach You Admire: Mike Cardwell (Dunedin High School)

Favorite Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Favorite Athlete: Victor Cruz

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: 4 Minute Mile

Favorite Quote From “Elevating Your Game” by Jim Thompson: "Setbacks and mistakes are inevitable on the road to mastery. What's crucial is how you respond to them."

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