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Giving Tuesday Now


We appreciate and understand that the abrupt ending of the athletic season has deprived millions of young people of the positive benefits that come with sport done right.

But at PCA, we believe life is a team sport, so we have doubled down on our efforts to meet our coaches and leaders where they are — online. We've worked to empower our community through virtual zoom workshops for coaches and leaders, free online courses for athletes and officials, and weekly live sessions across our social media channels.

We've gone the extra mile to make youth sports a better place when they return. Of course, this pause has certainly come with its challenges. But it has also given our community a chance to remember what sports is about -- it's about being a good teammate, it's about connection, it's about life lessons.

This belief is the bedrock of the efforts that enable PCA to create a better experience for youth sports. We have been able to maintain our 20+ year legacy through the vital support of our partners, donors, employees, advisory boards, and board of directors. Our goal is to make sure that when we are ready to emerge from this lockdown, we are ready to play and able to make youth sports even stronger than before!

As Giving Tuesday on May 5th approaches, we appreciate that so many of you have asked us how you can help us to continue to fulfill our mission. We're here to be on your team during this time— if you would consider being on our team and supporting our critical work so that we all can emerge stronger, we would greatly appreciate it.

Just this past week we received a testimonial from Neil McNab Jr., Chiefs FC Executive Director, who wrote:

"The PCA zoom workshop far exceeded my expectations. I am still on a high from the whole event. You delivered the best vision of PCA I could ever imagine; experienced passionate trainers who brought true engagement in a virtual way making my coaches eager and willing to learn and share. Every organization should have a collective goal of making "Better Athletes, Better People!" Thank you for keeping us inspired with all the new tools and ideas and the motivation to continue to make an impact."

We look forward to continuing to have this positive impact on our partners and community for as long as you will let us!