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FOX Sports Southwest Invites High School Juniors To Apply


The below public service announcement was produced and is airing on FOX Sports Southwest at no cost to PCA, thanks to our partnership with FOX Sports Supports

Steve Simpson, Senior VP and General Manager for FOX Sports Southwest, recently joined the PCA-North Texas Board. He and his team produced the above PSA to promote and encourage applications for our Triple-Impact Competitor® Scholarship which is open to eligible high school juniors.

Scholarships are awarded based on student-athlete essays explaining how they meet the standard defined in Elevating Your Game: Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor by PCA Founder Jim Thompson

  • Personal Mastery: Making oneself better
  • Leadership: Making one's teammates better
  • Honoring the Game: Making the game better.
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PCA awards scholarships of $1,000-$2,000 to high school athletes

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