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Featured Partner: La Canada High School


La Canada High School is in the first year of a two-year partnership with PCA-Los Angeles. La Canada already was a top school in the area in terms of success on the scoreboard and beyond, and Kristina Kalb, Athletic Director, partnered with PCA to enhance the school’s athletic culture event further. “PCA has given our athletic department tools and tips to take an already good program and launch us into the great category,” Kalb said.

They started their partnership with a Leadership Workshop for the administration back in June, followed by a Double-Goal Coach® Workshop in August. After just a few months with PCA, Kristina noticed that the “administration and coaching staff are fully on board, and we already see positive changes in our school athletic culture.”

Most recently they hosted a Triple-Impact Competitor® Workshop in their gymnasium. There were over 600 student-athletes in attendance to listen and participate in a workshop led by Ray Lokar. Ray stressed the importance of improving oneself, teammates and the sport as a whole. At the end, many students lined up to shake Ray’s hand and thank him for his time and giving them an inspiring lesson.

La Canada High School will be wrapping up their first year with a Second-Goal Parent® Workshop before moving into plans on year two. Their first year with PCA has been a success with strong commitment from both sides, and we are looking to working with them for years to come.

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