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Featured Partner: FC Man United


FC Man United hosted a large Summer Cup tournament this August with 150 girls and boys soccer teams in So Cal, where they proudly promoted the PCA message in multiple ways. Some great examples were giving all their parents the "We honor the game" stickers all weekend long to wear, and handing out two Sportsmanship Award trophies sponsored by PCA to the teams who Honored the Game with respect and dignity on and off the field. Their president, Tom Balderrama said “It was a great visual reinforcement of what our club is trying to do.” Sportsmanship trophy winners Claremont Stars (girls) and La Verne Lazers (boys) were extremely proud and more excited about being recognized for their character rather than the results, even though both teams ended up making it to the championship game!

FC Man United is a competitive So Cal soccer club founded in the 1980’s who prides itself on “providing quality instruction, a premier facility, role model coaching and a Board of Directors dedicated to ensuring the long lasting success of the Club.” Now on their second year of their PCA Partnership, they feel that PCA has helped them reach their goals of becoming a "developmental" club; to develop the best in the player. Their coaches, parents and athletes have all communicated better and are on one accord with the PCA mission. The president went on to say, “ Sometimes that may mean taking a few losses because we are focused on development rather than a "win at all costs" mentality. We also are a club that believes the goal of youth sports is to teach life lessons and build character through sports.” PCA is proud to be a partner of FC Man United, a club that is leading the way with a dedication and commitment to the development of their coaches, parents and players through upholding a positive sports culture for other clubs to follow.

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