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Featured Partner: BHBL


The Beverly Hills Basketball League is one of Positive Coaching Alliance’s longest standing partners. Formed by LA Board Member Bruce Horowitz, the BHBL is a shining example of our mission to create a culture where teaching life lessons through sports is the primary goal. All BHBL coaches are required to go through PCA training to be Double-Goal Coaches and parents are strongly encouraged to attend Second Goal Parent Workshops.

Recently, over 100 coaches were treated to combined Double-Goal Coach Workshops with some practical advise on running practices. Having the unique interaction with PCA trainers on the court was one of the most fun learning experiences the coaches have had.

Positive Coaching Alliance is grateful to Bruce Horowitz who has contributed as a Seed Funder, supporting the launch of the LA Chapter, he’s an active member on the
LA Board of Directors and has been recognized Nationally as one of our best supporters. “Positive Coaching is engrained into our DNA at Beverly Hills Basketball” says Bruce.

The positive impact on our kids is our top priority.

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