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Executive Director Zach Streight Featured in Comstock's Magazine

by Zach Streight


In an article in Comstock's Magazine, PCA-Sacramento Executive Director Zach Streight wrote the following:

It has often been said that there is no better place to teach character than on the playing field, where sports can instill the life lessons that prepare young people for success. The most common lessons in sports concern resilience, teamwork, competitiveness, discipline, leadership and how to overcome fear and other adversity. Youth who learn these lessons can use them to succeed in sports and, more importantly, in the rest of their lives as family members, students, employees, employers and community members.

The very existence of the Positive Coaching Alliance (the national nonprofit I work for as executive director of the Sacramento chapter) is based on sport as the ideal educational environment. Sports are exciting, healthy and generally fun, so children and teens are likely to engage and commit in ways quite different from the classroom. Sports also offer immediate feedback and understanding of cause and effect: In baseball, for instance, either you moved the runner over or you did not. There’s no waiting, unlike when a teacher grades your paper.

To see the full article on Comstock's Magazine, click here.

Zach joined PCA in December 2014 to serve as the Executive Director of the PCA-Sacramento Chapter. 

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