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Ethan Lovy


Triple-Impact Competitor® Finalist, Class of 2016

Northeast High School
St. Petersburg, FL

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Student Athlete Profile

Ethan Lovy is a baseball player from Northeast High School. He puts emphasis on what it means to be a great teammate on and off the field. “Being a teammate is also being a brother. To help a teammate, it takes emotional support along with helping them succeed on the baseball field. When one of your teammates is having a bad game or day, no matter what it is, you need to cheer him up. Let one another know it is okay to fail and that you will be there for the good times and the bad.”  

Ethan’s Athletic Director speaks to his leadership as a difference maker on the field. Ethan would help get the team spirit up in the dugout which ultimately helped the team come from behind in some very important games. Ethan shows leadership in how he gets along with all the players. Ethan is open to accepting people for who they are and embracing their diverse talents. This helped build a positive relationship within the dugout and within the classroom. Ethan has great passion for the game of baseball. You can tell that it runs in his blood.

High School: Northeast High School, St. Petersburg FL

Instagram Name: @EthanLovy

Favorite Teams: Tampa Bay Rays, University of Florida Gators, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Coach You Admire: Joe Maddon

Favorite Athlete: J.J. Schwarz (2012 Olympic Gold Medalist for Team U.S.A)

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: The Rookie

Favorite Quote Related to Sports: “Play the game the right way, and good things will happen.” – Joe Maddon

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