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Erin Hanson


Triple-Impact Competitor® Finalist, Class of 2017

Lennard High School
Ruskin, FL

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Student Athlete Profile

Erin Hanson is a basketball, soccer, volleyball, and flag football player and cross country runner from Lennard High School. Erin honors the game out of love for each sport she plays. "The sports that I play hold a very special place in my heart. They have helped form me into the individual I am today, teaching me valuable lessons I would not have been able to learn elsewhere. It is for those reasons that I will always, without a doubt honor the game."

Erin’s coach sees her honoring the game and leading her peers, on and off the field. “Erin is an athlete with an innate ability to lead those around her. Erin takes constructive criticism to heart and proves her commitment to the game daily. She dedicates time to honing her skills and perfecting her craft, while encouraging her teammates to do the same. Her work ethic on the field earns her the respect of her teammates, while inspiring them to rise to the occasion. She is the epitome of leading by example. Erin maintains a level of composure and confidence in the face of adversity. Erin is the first one to celebrate the successes of her teammates, while also holding them accountable for their actions. She contributes to the culture of our program by conducting herself in a positive manner on and off the field.”

High School: Lennard High School, Tampa, FL

Coach You Admire: Simpson Barton

Favorite Team: Minnesota Vikings

Favorite Athlete: Evan Longoria

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: Rudy

Favorite Quote From “Elevating Your Game” by Jim Thompson: "You confront the reality and reframe the event so that it tells a story that will help you transform your negative emotions into positive ones."

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