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Ensuring Standards at Folsom Lake Soccer League


The first year of partnership with PCA-Sacramento, Folsom Lake Soccer League started working on their culture of sportsmanship by training coaches, hosting four workshops just for coaches. Soon they realized it took a systemic approach to change the culture at a soccer club – working with just coaches would not be enough to see the behavioral changes they had in mind.

To deepen their impact in 2018, FLSL is now also focusing on parents, and will be training both parents and coaches to deepen the understanding and implementation of the key PCA Principle, ROOTS (respect for the Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and Self).

But FLSL is not just talking the talk– they're going one step further to ensure players, coaches, and parents are living up to the standards that FLSL has set in place.

They have created the Honoring the Game Committee, whose purpose is to ensure the league’s mission and codes of conduct are enforced through all soccer activities. By tracking this action, they will be better able to ensure sportsmanship standards and any corresponding action taken by the committee, resulting in fewer infractions, and better, more positive sportsmanship for coaches, parents, and athletes.

PCA-Sacramento is looking forward to continuing their partnership with Folsom Lake Soccer League and seeing them continue to develop Better Athletes, Better People.

Folsom Lake Soccer League inherently embodies the core principles taught by PCA, as seen in their mission statement to follow:

"Our mission is to provide each player the opportunity to play soccer in a supportive and rewarding environment that emphasizes fun, enjoyment and skill learning at a level that fits his/her interest and ability, while creating a challenging environment for the more advanced players who aspire to reach their full potential. Folsom Lake Soccer League will foster the physical, mental, and emotional growth and development of youth through the sport of soccer for all ages and levels of competition. FLSL will endeavor to be the premier youth soccer organization in Northern California, providing quality services to our players, coaches, administrators, and families. We will provide leadership and programs that build character and empower our players to become responsible adults. The youth soccer experience is our priority, emphasizing Safety, Fun, Fair Play, and Development."

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