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Empowering BPS Athletes: Report on PCA Character + Leadership Development Program


genuinely loved these workshops and I will miss coming to them. The speakers were amazing as well as the coaches. I genuinely do appreciate the PCA crew for committing to all six weeks and making the sessions fun yet informal.

- BPS Student-Athlete

Positive Coaching Alliance had the opportunity to make a difference for Boston Public School students this fall by guiding them through PCA's Character + Leadership Development series designed to help them emerge better athletes, better teammates, better leaders, and better people.  With so many BPS student-athletes sidelined by COVID but committed to becoming better, the workshop series attracted students from a range of sports including football, soccer, volleyball and more. BPS' dedicated coaches and staff joined in the sessions.

There were a few high points in the series, one was when BPS Director of Athletics Avery Esdaile reported back on the student-athlete breakout session he had joined to discuss social media guidelines and principles. AD Esdaile was delighted with what he heard including that social media posts should always "uplift somebody."

Another high point came when a student shared how she felt empowered when athletes of her same skin color spoke out about injustice and wore Breonna Taylor’s name on their jersey.

At the conclusion of the series, PCA asked participants to complete a brief survey and share their comments, so that we too could become better at what we do.

The data was strikingly positive.

  • 100% of the respondents rated PCA’s content as “excellent”
  • 96% of the respondents reported that they intended to use the workshop ideas/tools

"I was so impressed with the thoughtfulness of the students in the very first workshop that I did not miss a workshop! It was a privilege to work with these young people and to help empower them as they face COVID and more without the opportunity to play the sports they love. Special thanks to the entire PCA team for putting in the work to deliver meaningful workshops, especially our trainer team of Kelly Kratz, Mike Jackson, Levi Nelson, and Andy Shriver."

PCA-New England Regional Director Beth Maloney

Here were some participant comments about the program:

  • "Thank you for doing these workshops they were super helpful!"
  • "I really liked these workshops!! I can’t wait to use what i learned with my team."
  • "Really enjoyed the variety of provided presentation of information, from videos to breakout rooms, charts, quotes, etc. It was really good to stay engaged after a long day of being on zoom already."
  • "I genuinely loved these workshops and I will miss coming to them. The speakers were amazing as well as the coaches. I genuinely do appreciate the PCA crew for committing to all six weeks and making the sessions fun yet informal."
  • "I think the workshop series overall was great. It was very engaging and got many students interacting with each other. The presentations were also very interactive and informative and the logistics of the breakout rooms was smooth."
  •  "I loved everything about all 6 workshop. I learned a lot and I am coming away with different ideas to share with my team and community."

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