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Emma Oberle


Triple-Impact Competitor® Finalist, Class of 2016

Bloomingdale High School
Valrico, FL

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Student Athlete Profile

Emma Oberle is a lacrosse player from Bloomindale High School. She enjoys passing on knowledge of the game she loves to new players in the area. This was our first year as a varsity lacrosse team and we had a lot of girls who had never played before. At practice, myself and the other experienced girls would help the coach by taking a new girl and working with her individually.

It felt great to watch the girls improve as they learned the game and to know that I was a part of helping to form the team. I had three freshman girls specifically that I formed a bond with. I would take them to the wall for extra practice on the weekends and helped them improve their skills. I also would explain the rules of the game to them, because that is just as much a part of the game as the skills are. I formed a special bond with these three girls and I hope I helped to instill the love of lacrosse in them, because loving the game of lacrosse will make them better players.”

Emma’s athletic director sees promise in how Emma carries herself in sports.. “As Emma’s Athletic Director at Bloomingdale High School, I had the opportunity to witness first hand her work ethic and enthusiastic attitude on the lacrosse field and in the classroom. I was impressed to see how hard she works to gain the approval and admiration of her peers, taking on leadership roles and speaking up for others. She was a determined and an active class participant. There is no doubt that Emma will be successful in life, and I am positive she will make the most out of any situation.”

High School: Bloomingdale High School, Valrico, FL

Twitter Handle: @itsemuh 

Favorite Team: Bloomingdale high School Lacrosse

Coach You Admire: Brad Gardon 

Favorite Athlete: Kristen McLean

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: 42 

Favorite Quote From “Elevating Your Game” by Jim Thompson: “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but even more to stand up to our friends.” – Dumbledore

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