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Double-Goal Coach® Award A Highlight In Coaching Career

by Andy Lowry


Columbine High School (Littleton, CO) — Receiving the Double-Goal Coach Award was truly a humbling honor for me.  To be one of the recipients along with so many outstanding coaches across America is definitely a highlight of my coaching career. 

PCA’s mission to help coaches at all levels with teaching the principles to help young men and women grow into better people, is what all coaches should strive for.  Through PCA’s emails, training sessions and other events, fellow coaches encourage each other to reflect on what we should truly value and what our “real” mission/goal should be in the lives of young people. 

Coaches have such an incredible opportunity to build, encourage and develop young people, but we often focus on the Outcome instead of the Process within our season. PCA has helped me reflect on the responsibilities I have in the lives of young people and has energized my efforts on reevaluating some things in our program. Thanks to PCA and their staff for implementing a program that can help foster the values that we should all be teaching in our programs. 

Andy Lowry is the Head Football Coach at Columbine HS and a winner of PCA's 2016 Double-Goal Coach® Award Presented by TeamSnap.

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