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Dominique Eule


Triple-Impact Competitor® Finalist, Class of 2016

Tampa Catholic High School
Tampa, FL

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Student Athlete Profile

Dominique Eule plays basketball for Tampa Catholic High School. She puts in the extra work that she knows will make her a better athlete in the end. As an athlete, I make myself better by putting in extra work. During the high school basketball season, I try my best to stay after practice and put up extra shots on the shooting machine. I work on my dribbling as well. This can be hard to do during the season, depending on the length of my homework. When it is off-season of basketball, I ask my high school basketball coach if I can get in the gym and use the shooting machine. Most of the time he allows me to, but when this is not the case I go home and shoot on my own hoop. Another thing I do to make myself better is lift weights. I often ask my teammates to lift weights with me at school, as well. I also have a membership to a health club where I am go to lift weights and get a cardio workout. Lifting weights and shooting extra shots are things that I do to make my self a better athlete physically.”

Dominique’s coach sees the impact of her confidence has on the rest of the team. Dominique is a never-quit spirit that motivates you to play harder, coach harder, and be better. Her 8th grade year, we played for the AAU National Championship at Wide World of Sports at Disney on National Television. I will never forget the look in the girls’ eyes of stage fright. Dominique seemed ready so I gave her the start and she came out and hit the first two 3-pointers of the game. After that moment, the team calmed down and played their hearts out. We didn’t come out on top of that game but it was her courage that pushed the girls.” 

High School: Tampa Catholic High School, Tampa FL

Twitter Handle: @domeule

Instagram Name: @domeule

Favorite Team: Denver Nuggets

Coach You Admire: Coach Warren

Favorite Athlete: Danielle Eule (East Carolina University Soccer)

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: Rudy

Favorite Quote From “Elevating Your Game” by Jim Thompson: “What separates great athletes from the rest is how they deal with mistakes”

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