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Denver Public Schools Hosts Leadership Summit at Pepsi Center


Student-Athlete Leader Representatives from every high school in DPS gathered at the Peak Pub House for an athletics leadership summit on Friday, November 16th.

The event was presented by Denver Public Schools. Student-Athlete's heard from PCA Trainer Tyler Johnson on how to build a positive culture within their school and athletic programs and heard from Dr. Brooke Pengel from Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children on being a 24-hour athlete.


Key important topics included sleep, hydration, nutrition, and healthy mental state being critical to success. The summit provided an opportunity for student-athletes to collaborate on how to create positive cultures at their schools, and how they can continue to be a leader within their individual schools.

"This summit represents the best of what high school athletics can be in Colorado," said PCA-Colorado Executive Director Tom Puzio.

"Athletes focusing on being great teammates and contributing to a positive culture within their schools and athletic programs. Adding in the 24-hour athlete element with Dr. Pengel from Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children gave these student athletes a very well rounded experience of how they can get better. We are fortunate to have great partners like Denver Public Schools and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children to aid us in our work to change the culture of youth sports."

John Andrew, who serves on the Board for PCA-Colorado and represents Denver Public Schools, stated, "Our goal was to bring together student athlete leaders from all of our high schools to provide them with the skills and information that they can use to continue to build positive, inclusive cultures at their schools." Andrew went on to explain that Denver Public schools "couldn't be more excited to could include partners like Positive Coaching Alliance and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in the day to help student athletes learn about all aspects of being successful."

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