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David Kirk


Triple-Impact Competitor® Finalist, Class of 2016

Lennard High School
Tampa, FL

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Student Athlete Profile

David Kirk is wrestler and swimmer from Lennard High School. He is passionate about putting in the work to improve his skills in wrestling. “As an athlete, I push myself to my limits every day to become the best athlete possible. For example, I train year-round for wrestling. During the offseason, I wake up every day two hours before school start and lift weights with my coach. After school, I lift again and then go to the most intense workout of the day…Wrestling! I am a firm believe that if you truly work hard, the results will eventually show and pay off.”

David’s coach sees how the sport is better when David is playing it. He absolutely loves the sport of wrestling. You can see the passion that he has for the sport of wrestling. His wrestling passion is seen whether he is lifting weights to become stronger, drilling his moves to sharpen his movements, or simply talking about his strategies and emotions when competing against a strong competitor. When he is competing in a match he honors the rules and respects the referee’s decisions. He may not agree with some of the referee’s calls but he knows that his coach will address any concerns in a respectful manner. Wrestling in Florida has not been a popular sport compared to other sports like football. But David Kirk is one individual that is drawing people’s attention to this sport. His hard work and passion is promoting wrestling and allowing Florida to be recognized amongst other States. 

High School: Lennard High School, Tampa FL

Twitter Handle: @davidkirkk

Instagram Name: @the_captain_kirk 

Favorite Team: Miami Heat, University of Florida Gators

Coach You Admire: Coach Lavin (Lennard High School)

Favorite Athlete: Jordan Burroughs (2012 Olympic Gold Medalist for Team U.S.A) 

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: Rudy, Vision Quest 

Favorite Quote From “Elevating Your Game” by Jim Thompson: “What separates great athletes from the rest is how they deal with mistakes. Strange as it sounds, to become a Triple-Impact Competitor, you must embrace-not fear-mistakes.”

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