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Cynthia Hinderscheid



Triple-Impact Competitor® Scholarship Qualifier, Class of 2020

Gaither High School

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Student-Athlete Profile

In order to set myself apart to make myself better as an individual athlete, I mentally train as often, if not more, than I physically practice and exercise my
body outside of the rink. My coach once wisely said, 'Skating, like any other sport, is 99% mental and 1% physical.' This notion has since then been
prominently implanted in my mind to which I have made a foundation to build my skating career upon. A couple of my favorite books that I turn to for mental preparation include: The Secret (Byrne) and Mind Gym: An Athlete's Guide to Inner Excellence (Mack). These excellent reads have contributed to my mental strength both in skating and in my personal life. I cannot stress how important the behind the scenes work has been in trusting my physical abilities when nerves run high during competitions.” -Cynthia

Coach You Admire: Coach Melissa Lingo

Favorite Sports Team: Tampa Bay Lightning

Favorite Athlete: Rebecca Tarlazzi

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: The Blind Side

Favorite Inspirational Quote: “You have to train your mind like you train your body."

Fun Fact: Plays both the piano and violin.


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