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CUSD Student Organization of Leaders Look to Lead the World


Sol students have created and are leading the new Captains Council with their Athletic Directors as they look to lead the new wave of student leaders. The Captains Council mission is to promote the true core values of what a leader should be: Leadership, Sportsmanship, Community Service, and Participation. Sol has looked to create an atmosphere where students are taught the importance of being not only a good student but a good person! 

One of the districts major highlights was their school spirit Video contest. Each of the participating schools were to submit a three- minute video promoting school spirit.  Each school did a fantastic job promoting school spirit within their school! Chandler High school won the District School Spirit Award while they also won the AIA’s 6A Conference SLAC Committee’s Award. Chandler High school is setting the bar as one of the best schools in the district as they are also up for overall large school award. Go Chandler! ACP won the AIA 3A Conference SLAC Committees Award and is up for the overall small school AIA SLAC Award. ACP has been working hard to promote school spirit and it is nice to see them making those important strides. Keep up the good work ACP!

Marcus Williams Director of Athletics and Student Discipline has been helping with the creation of the SOL program and he is pleased with the progress that the school district is making. He wants to recognize all the hard work that the students have been doing and want them to know how important they are to the program and its future. The PCA wants to thank Marcus and all of his contributions! Administrators like you are the reason why schools continue to succeed! Great job to all the students and faculty of Chandler Unified School District!

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