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Colorado Springs Little League Shows Its New Board Members the Benefits of PCA


Colorado Springs Little League is in their second year of partnership with PCA. Due to many changes in their administration and board, they held a Leading Your Organization workshop on January 28th to get their new members on board with PCA's principles and partnership. 
Colorado Springs Little League board members worked with PCA to create an action plan, working to align around a common vision for their organizational culture.

"We love to have partners, like CSLL, where the culture piece and expectations of all involved, are so clearly communicated and continually messaged throughout their organization." - Amy Manson

"The LYO workshop was great. It really gave us a foundation of what we need to work on, and also what we are doing well. It also allowed me to understand better where my team's concerns are. I feel as though we benefited more from the LYO workshop this year than we did last year. I think this comes from the new faces we have and their desire to make us better. Not that the old team didn't want to; these are just fresh faces who are not burned out. So overall this went great. Gave me good ideas to get us going in the direction we need to go." - Bruce Pascucci, President of CSLL

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