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Colorado Hockey And Character Development Continues


This time nearly seven years ago PCA-Colorado was just getting to know the Colorado Youth Hockey landscape. Today we’re signing onto the 6th year of PCA a partnership with Arvada Hockey Association and embarking on a renewed multi-year partnership with Boulder Hockey Club. Perhaps it's the record temperatures hitting Colorado this summer that means we want to spend more time closer to the ice, or perhaps it's that Colorado Hockey is cashing in on Character development. 

The leaders of both of these organizations, John McKibbon (Arvada) and Michele Amidon (Boulder), serve as age division directors in the CCHYL (Colorado Competitive Youth Hockey League), and advocates of the growing the sport here in Colorado. Both are passionate about character development and know the triumphs and challenges that present themselves on and off the ice.

Boulder and Arvada will place focus on educating coaches to use hockey as a platform for teaching life lessons in Double-Goal Coach® workshops. The Boulder 
Bison will work more specifically to address their athletes and how they can find a deeper connection to their hockey community and love of the game through Triple-Impact Competitor® workshops for athletes.

We look forward to an exciting year as the hockey landscape in Colorado continues to develop Better Athletes, Better People.

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