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Coach Scott Nady Goes Beyond Football Field

by Lauren Hering


As a PCA Partnership Manager, I take great pride when any of our partner schools and youth sports organizations go above and beyond to educate and develop character in youth through sports. I experienced that last night, seeing this news clip about PCA Partner Parish Episcopal School Football Coach Scott Nady going beyond the football field to teach his players about the sad reality of sex trafficking and how men are the key to ending it.

He uses his platform to make sure he builds men who treat women with love and respect, and he rails against the sick and criminal domestic violence too often perpetrated by professional athletes. Parish Episcopal School has been a PCA Partner since 2013. When I first joined PCA, the first workshop I attended was at Parish, and it was clear to me that the school took what was said to heart.

It became even more clear to me when I started volunteer coaching volleyball and basketball for a Dallas School and Parish was one of the teams we played. There is always a difference when we enter their gym. That feeling solidified last night as I watched the news with great joy, knowing that PCA had an influence in the culture at Parish that encourages people like Coach Nady to develop Better Athletes, Better People.

Lauren Hering, PCA's Out-of-Territory Partnership Manager born and raised in Dallas, Texas, comes to PCA after a successful career at Liberty Mutual Insurance as a top producing sales representative. Lauren has followed PCA and their mission for many years as both an athlete and a coach. She is thrilled to now be a part of the team and help change the culture of youth sports to create Better Athletes, Better People.

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