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Charter School of Educational Excellence's PCA Partnership Aided In Culture Shift


The Charter School of Educational Excellence Department of Athletics has been in partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance for the past three years.  The athletic program has seen a dramatic shift in culture on three different fronts, which is critical to their success.

"PCA has been working closely with our parents in instilling an atmosphere for their child that is positive, supportive, and effort based. Parents are a big impact on an athletic program. Often time, you may see parents yelling at referees, coaches, and putting extreme amounts of pressure on their child not to make mistakes. We have seen a dramatic shift in this behavior over the past three years. We have two in-person parent meetings per year and ongoing resources that are sent to the parents supporting the mission of the program and the PCA. We have also provided parents that need additional support on a need basis."

"Coaching is a critical element of athletics. Many times people judge coaches based on their winning percentage, especially in school-based athletics. The PCA and the CSEE Athletic Department work together in instilling a philosophy based on character development, teamwork, and the ability to overcome and deal with adversity in a positive way. The PCA meets individually with our coaching staff multiple times a year to provide them with resources and workshops in order to become more positive and increase their focus on using sports to teach life lessons."

In 2019, PCA and CSEE worked together to create the 'Sports Teach' wall within the halls of CSEE. Read that story by clicking below.

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"Student athletes, who are our number one priority, have been able to see dramatic growth and overall positive attitudes because of the PCAs impact on the community, specifically the parents and the coaches. Our student-athletes also meet with the PCA for live workshops in order to instill the importance of life skills and character development. Since we have been a partner of the PCA, we have noticed an increase in students overall grades, a decrease in negative behaviors on and off the field, and a positive shift in their social emotional wellness, specifically self-esteem and attitude.  As we have been navigating during this COVID-19 pandemic, we realize that continuing to find ways to connect with our student-athletes are critical for their success and overall wellness." -Michael DeSimone

"Our coaches have reached out for resources and support and the Positive Coaching Alliance has delivered when we needed them most. We recently completed a workshop with our coaching staff virtually. While we had many initial concerns, it turned out that the workshop was just as good as the live workshops in previous years. The professionalism from the trainers and technology support is second to none. Coach Randy has been working with us for the past three years and has had a lasting impact on not only myself, but also a high portion of our coaches, students, and parents who went out of their way to provide positive feedback. We are looking forward to continuing to take our program to the next levels in direct collaboration with the Positive Coaching Alliance." -Michael DeSimone

CSEE will be hosting a Sports Can Battle Racism workshop in December, 2020.

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