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Celebrating 50 Years of Title IX: Equity For Everyone


- Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Title IX, this entire month, PCA as an organization will be championing the message and amplifying the continued efforts of gender equity in sports across our multitude of platforms through various initiatives and collaborations over the next four weeks, and beyond. 

On this first day of June, we are excited to take part in Demand IX, the first of these efforts in conjunction with a very special tribute to the great Billie Jean King, narrated by Game Changer of the Month Rashida Ford, Founder of P.OP. Inc., featuring past and current Game Changers of the Month Love Rainey and Erica Woda. For us, this film is not only a call to arms to continue to champion change but a celebration of the efforts and impact of those who have come before us to advance girls and women in sports and gender equity in athletics.  

PCA has partnered with the Title IX Anniversary Coalition, a group composed of the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative, National Women’s Law Center, Women’s Sports Foundation, and other key youth and community leaders, to add our voice to the efforts of Demand IX, to increase the pace of change toward equity and fairness for all. 

At the heart of this campaign is the Demand IX pledge, something we hope you will all take the time to sign and share. By signing the pledge, you are demanding to fight until the full promise of Title IX is real. Your signature means that you value fairness and equity for everyone, that you will work to demand that our civil rights are protected and that you demand all students be protected under Title IX.


We look forward to building on this narrative and amplifying the message of gender equity throughout the month of June, culminating with our ‘Girls In Motion’ event, a forward-thinking discussion focusing on advancing the future of gender equity and inclusion in physical activity and sports event hosted by Chelsea Clinton in partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

Be sure to check back with us on our social channels and our blog for the latest updates on our efforts in celebration of Title IX!