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Catching Up With 2015 Scholarship Winner Carly Waggoner

by Mary Jo Stocco


PCA-Minnesota caught up with past Triple-Impact Competitor® Scholarship Winner Carly Waggoner in this Q&A to find out what this amazing student athlete has been up to since graduating from Park Rapids High School.

Q. What are you doing now?

A. I’m attending Minnesota State University Moorhead where I’m studying elementary education with a minor in special education. I’m involved in Chi Alpha, an on-campus ministry, and I am very excited to be leading a bible study group for them next year. I participated in the Emerging Leaders program and plan to continue practicing leadership through the Dragon Leadership program over the next couple of years. In addition to joining our Education Learning community, I also work as an assistant preschool teacher.

Q. What qualities did athletics teach you about life after sports?

A. Playing sports completely shaped who I am today. I learned how to work with all types of people, which is extremely important in college and the workplace. I learned to lead by example, and step up when needed. Athletics also taught me the importance of being more inclusive with people and developing meaningful relationships. These skills have definitely helped me form connections in college with both my peers and professors. It has helped me excel in my classes, obtain the leadership role in my church group, and graduate from the Emerging Leaders program.

Q. What role will athletics play in your future?

A. I hope to coach softball in the future. I believe my athletic career and education degree will work perfectly together. There is also a foundation in Moorhead called HOPE, Inc., which provides activities/sports to people with disabilities and their families. I plan to volunteer for them next summer.

I absolutely love college! Life has been great since receiving the Triple Impact Competitor award. I do miss the sports I played in high school; but for me, my time as an athlete was filled with many memories, lessons, trials, and victories. My time as an athlete was enough; what it has given me will last a lifetime.

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Mary Jo Stocco is a supporter of PCA-Minnesota, a freelance Writer, and communications professional.