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Buckets of Battered Baseballs, And The Stories Behind Them


Do you have a bucket of used baseballs ready for your next practice? There is a story behind each baseball in that bucket. Wins. Losses. Home runs. Strikeouts. No-hitters. Celebrations. Bat flips. Home games. Away games. Championship games. Hugs. High Fives. Fenway Park. Over the fence. Lost in the tall grass. Found again.

Abbie Hodgson knows many of those stories. As the youngest child in a baseball family with four baseball-playing brothers and a stellar Little League career herself, Abbie spent many, many hours in and around baseball diamonds. There are buckets of battered baseballs at her home. After Little League, Abbie went on to play softball and field hockey in high school. And her mother, award-winning photographer Cheryl Clegg, photographed some of the baseballs in those buckets.

Inspired by those images, and the stories that lay behind each one of them, Abbie designed a calendar selecting a thoughtful quote from more than a dozen baseball athletes and featuring each athlete on their birth month together with an image of a well-worn baseball. Abbie added the PCA logo and produced her calendars for us. If you would like one of Abbie’s PCA baseball calendars, please click here. Mark the date of your first game, and mark March 31, 2022 – Opening Day at Fenway Park.

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