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Bruce Horowitz Wins Award


Bruce Horowitz is the founding organizer of Beverly Hills Basketball League, more commonly referred to as BHBL, and continues to be a catalyst behind the success of the League. Soon to start its 18th season in January 2016, BHBL provides a basketball league for youth ages 5-17. Each year, the BHBL enrolls over 1900 youth participants, of which 73% are Beverly Hills residents. The League annually certifies over 250 volunteer coaches as PCA Double-Goal Coaches. The League had to be created from scratch as there was no national organization to provide Bruce standard guidelines and format.

Bruce quickly connected with Positive Coaching Alliance, a non-profit organization emphasizing positive character-building in the youth sports experience. Basing BHBL on this foundation and instilling the motto “Have fun…Honor the Game” has helped the League to consistently provide a wonderful youth sports experience and to win Positive Coaching Alliance's Honoring the  Game Award.

Under the leadership of Bruce, BHBL has also given back to the community. Reliant on the use of the Beverly Hills High School facilities through the Joint Powers Agreement, BHBL has made contributions to the District covering the cost of new equipment as well as needed repairs. We’re appreciative of Bruce “Stepping Up” over 18 years ago to be the volunteer organizer of BHBL and for continuing to remain involved in a dynamic youth sports program the City of Beverly Hills can be proud of.

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