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Bonnie Sopher


Triple-Impact Competitor® Finalist, Class of 2018

Henry B. Plant School
Tampa, FL

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Student-Athlete Profile

Bonnie’s coach tells us how Bonnie is a jack of all trades: “Bonnie Sopher is so many things; strong, confident, determined, hardworking and above all an amazing mentor. I’ve known Bonnie for over 5 years now and I have never met someone more dedicated to bettering themselves. Recently Bonnie tore her ACL, but let me tell you that has had no effect on her spirit or her ability to keep improving. Every practice I see Bonnie working on her abs or lifting objects to get her workout in for the day, then after all of that she goes over to the wall and plays wall ball for over an hour, sometimes long after everyone leaves. Even before her injury and well before the season had started, Bonnie was organizing scrimmages and if no one could make it out she was still at the fields running sprints by herself or shooting on the cage. This season I personally was having trouble with another girl on the team and I went to Bonnie to ask for help. Bonnie took my issue in stride and helped me through the whole ordeal. Everyone on the team knows if we have an issue and need help Bonnie is the one to go to, she’s understanding, rational and never passes any judgment. I first met Bonnie 5 years ago on my first travel summer ball team, ever since then she has never stopped encouraging me to work harder, play smarter and is always there when I’ve needed a pick me up. During our last game of the season, it was evident that we were going to lose. It was obvious we weren’t the better team and most of us had accepted defeat. Not Bonnie. Bonnie screamed and cheered so loud that game the parents in the stands could hear her. For every draw, she was the loudest one and throughout the entire game, she kept our sidelines pumped. She never gave up on us and even with her torn ACL, she still hobbled onto the field to give our goalie a hug. Bonnie makes playing lacrosse so much better not only with her energy but with her love for the game. Bonnie is always encouraging us to have fun during practice, to take more shots, try a different dodge, but she also knows when it’s time to get serious and play lacrosse. She honors the game by inspiring others and I believe Bonnie has a lasting impact on every player she meets. All around Bonnie is an amazing player, teammate and makes playing lacrosse such an enjoyable experience for everyone she plays with.”

High School: Henry B. Plant High School, Tampa, FL

Coach You Admire: Ariana Louder, Academy of the Holy Names Head Lacrosse Coach

Favorite Team: Syracuse University Women's Lacrosse Team

Favorite Athlete: Kayla Treanor, Boston Storm

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: The Sandlot

Favorite Inspirational Sports Related Quote: "Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play" -Mike Singletary

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