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Arizona Cardinals; First NFL Team To Complete Sports Can Battle Racism Program


The Arizona Cardinals are making a huge effort to educate their coaching community expressing the importance for diversity, equity, and inclusion and getting these tough conversations started.  PCA has made conscious effort to bridge the gap of how to get the conversation started with our Sports Can Battle Racism workshops.

The Arizona Cardinals became the first NFL team to participate in PCA's Sports Can Battle Racism workshops when they granted PCA $10,000 to hold two workshops for their community of youth football coaches. Over 80 coaches participated in these interactive workshops, discussing how to combat racial discrimination, champion moral courage, and empower their programs to create positive change in their communities.

"This was an example of a team within the NFL prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Arizona Cardinals were amazing to work with from start to finish and demonstrated the need to get this workshop in front of their community of coaches!"Kayla Landes-Brenman, PCA Program Manager

We are grateful to be aligning with PCA to bring these conversations surrounding racism to light among our coaching community!

Horace Raymond

Director of Community Relations, Arizona Cardinals

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