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Ana Rescala


Triple-Impact Competitor® Finalist, Class of 2016

Robinson High School
Tampa, FL

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Student Athlete Profile

Ana Rescala competes in martial arts while attending Robinson High School. She values quality training with teammate in familiar and unfamiliar sports. “Although tae-kwon-do isn’t necessarily a team sport, everyone at my school works together to improve. We push each other during sparring to be “good bad guys” as my instructor calls it. No attacker is going to hit you softly or come at you slowly; therefore we make scenarios as realistic (yet safe) as possible in order to train correctly. I know the importance of receiving help from a teammate, not solely a coach. Especially while on the flag football team for my school (a sport I wasn’t highly skilled at) I valued all the advice I could receive. The experience helped me realize the weight that a few hints from a peer had on a player.”

Ana’s coach notes that it’s her hard work that keeps her consistently ahead of her competition. “On a personal level, she has worked incredibly hard through the ranks to achieve her 2nd Degree Black Belt, during which time she has also competed at the regional, national and world level. In 2014 she was the Florida State Champion in traditional forms, and ended the year ranked in the Top Ten in the World! She is a fierce competitor in the ring, and always gives her best effort in training. We have numerous Black Belts in the school, and many of them train hard during the tournament season; what sets Ms. Rescala apart is that she addresses every class as though it is the most important one in her training. She always gives her best effort, regardless of whatever physical or mental challenges she has had during the day, she consistently trains her hardest and thus her improvement continues to outpace that of her peer group.”

High School: Robinson High School, Tampa, FL

Favorite Team: Argentina Men’s Soccer National Team

Twitter Handle: @anabanana1015

Instagram Name: @anarescala

Coach You Admire: Laura Kowkabany

Favorite Athlete:  Serena Williams

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: Coach Carter

Favorite Quote from “Elevating Your Game” by Jim Thompson: “Leadership is also knowing when to follow. You become a ‘dynamic follower’ who knows when to lead and a leader who knows when to follow.”

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