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Alex Virgilio


Triple-Impact Competitor® Finalist, Class of 2017

Saint Stephen's Episcopal School
Bradenton, FL

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Student Athlete Profile

Alex Virgilio is a football, soccer, and tennis player and track & field member from Saint Stephen's Episcopal School. Alex knows his hard work off the field directly correlates with his abilities on the field during a game and practice. As a leader, he relays his work ethic to teammates as motivation. “The success I experience on the field comes directly form the work I put in off the field. I have experience leading my teammates. As a captain of my football team last season and a captain of my club soccer team for the past two seasons, I encompass a motivating role. I tend to lead by example by going through drills full speed and always try to do the right thing, so my peers around me can use me as a model. Although I usually lead by example, I am not afraid to confront someone, whether that be in a positive way by praising them or in a negative way by adjusting something that they did that was not correct or acceptable.

Alex's coaches mention that Alex is talented and hard-working, but it is his dedication to his team that is noticed most prominetly as he is the one that is always relied upon in difficult times. “His skills as an individual player are exceptional, but Alex’s greatest strength is, first and foremost, his dedication to his teammates. This ability to embrace team and work with others will be a huge asset as he moves into life beyond high school. He is a rock to his teammates, a tremendous support to his parents, and the kind of player any coach can rely on in difficult times on and off the field. He always seems to be looking for ways to make himself better. He is a tireless worker, always looking to improve the craft he has in front of him at the moment. He plays like a young man who has learned that it is important to make the most of the opportunities we have and that rubs off on everyone around him. He makes all of us better, teammates included.

High School: Saint Stephen's Episcopal School, Bradenton, FL

Twitter Handle: @virgiliooo4

Coach You Admire: Tod Creneti (St. Stephens)

Favorite Team: Iowa Hawkeyes

Favorite Athlete: Inky Johnson & Zaevion Dobson

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: Remember the Titans

Favorite Quote From “Elevating Your Game” by Jim Thompson: "It's not the will to win that matters- everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters" -Bear Bryant

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