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10 Tips Offered By The Sports Can Battle Racism Roundtable Series Panel: Celebrating National Girls & Women In Sports Day


On National Girls & Women in Sports Day, PCA was joined by a panel of amazing women for our Sports Can Battle Racism Roundtable series. The panel included Olympic bobsledder Aja Evans, Olympic gold medalist Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, and USWNT veteran Danielle Slaton. The discussion focused on self-expression through sport and how to make positive changes related to race in sports. 

This inspirational panel left us with many words of wisdom.  Here are the top ten tips from these powerful women.

1. Being successful in sports helps to build confidence on and off the field.

2. "Athleticism is a transferrable skill." - Danielle Slaton

3. 40% of sport is played by women, but only 4% of media coverage is women's sports.

4. "I think because of fear or the unknown we shy ourselves away from certain things and some times you have to stay true to what's for you." - Aja Evans

5. Don't be afraid to use your platform to make a positive change in the world.

6. When coaching boys and girls together, be sure to be aware of projecting gender biases and in some cases racial biases because these little subconscious comments become ingrained in children at a young age.

7. "That confidence that you gain from participating in sport, you have to carry it where ever you go." - Benita Fitzgerald Mosley

8. "If you see it, then you can believe it and then you can be it." - Danielle Slaton

9. When you are feeling down on yourself, don't feel like you need to reach for social media. First, have honest conversations with yourself and with the people around you to get to a resolution.

10. "Treat each other with grace. Don't make assumptions about people." - Benita Fitzgerald Mosley

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