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10 Tips Offered By Sacramento Kings Assistant Coach Lindsey Harding


Assistant Coach for the Sacramento Kings, Lindsey Harding, joined PCA for our Sports Can Battle Racism discussion. Harding joined us to celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day and to discuss the topic of race in the sports space and what we need to do to make positive changes.

Harding left us with many words of wisdom to hold on to.  Here are the top ten tips from this amazing trailblazer.

1. Playing sports from an early age gives you a lot of confidence, physical strength, and self-esteem.

2. Having connections is very important. Most of the time you will boost your chances of getting a job when you know someone in the building.

3. "When you get a chance to meet someone that is doing something that you are interested in that you may want to do, see what their path was.  See how they got there. Everybody's path is different."

4. "If someone doesn't know you exist, how are they going to hire you?"

5. Organizations have to be actively looking to make changes and have to be intentional in that search.

6. We need more moms to step up and coach their children and other youth. We also need more former college athletes, specifically women, to give back to our young girls and coach them.

7. "Basketball is basketball. We draw up the same plays. There's different terminology, but you are doing the same things. I always tell people it is no different.  You are still dealing with people and different personalities."

8. "I don't think there's anything wrong with letting the young boys see the young women doing the same things and sometimes doing them much better."

9. Setting goals are a vital part of youth sports, whatever they may be, it is so important to keep young people motivated by their goals.

10. "You can choose love over fear, everybody always says that, but it's true. Be positive over negative."

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