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10 Tips Offered By NFL's Roman Oben During PCA Live Speaker Series Powered by TeamSnap


Vice President of Football Operations at the National Football League, Roman Oben, joined PCA's Executive Vice President of Business Development and Philanthropy, Jason Sacks, for PCA's Live Speaker Series powered by TeamSnap. 

Oben talks about what lessons he learned from his NFL career, as well as, what it's like to be a youth coach after his professional career. He left us with some valuable input that you might want to tuck away for future reference. Here are ten tips from Roman offered throughout the session.

1. Believe in the process.  Believe in what you are doing to get to an end result that you can't even picture in your mind yet.

2. "You gotta have what we call football amnesia.  You have to forget the last play and focus on the next one."

3. Always keep your foot in the door of other career opportunities outside of professional sports.  You never know when your last snap will be and you need to be prepared for your life after football or whatever sport you play.

4. There are 3 stages of a child's sport development.  Introduction, adoption, and behavior change.  Through learning the game, gaining confidence, and working on your body and mind you will see someone's development improving.

5. "There's always the old school term that you always got to run through a wall for your coach.  I think nobody is going to run through a wall for you unless they know you care about them."

6. Start slow when coaching kids.  Especially when you have kids that may be bigger and stronger than they average person their age.  Kids tend to get judged on their size before their age so be sure to not pressure them to be something that they are not.

7. "Do not under estimate the value of just being a kid and having fun win, lose, or draw."

8. There is a place for women in the sport of football as coaches and players.  We need to continue to be inclusive in the sport of football and include everybody.

9. "Make sure you choose the school and not the coach.  Make sure you ask the right questions.  Make sure you're mentally ready to be away from home.  And make the best decisions that you can about the bigger picture where you'll have the best environment to succeed."

10. "I think there's nothing wrong with keeping score.  It's more important what you get out of winning or losing.  What did you get out of the experience?"


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