Steve Zuckerman

Managing Director, Self-Help California

National Board of Directors

Steve Zuckerman is founder and managing director of Self-Help’s California operations and President of Self-Help Federal Credit Union. After working for Self-Help several years after its founding in 1980, and serving on its board for most of the next 20 years, Steve rejoined Self-Help in 2006 to launch its California efforts in Oakland.

In 2008, he led the formation of Self-Help FCU, which, through seven mergers and the launch of an innovative “Micro-Branch” in East San Jose, now serves 50,000 mostly low-income members through 18 branches in the Bay Area and Central Valley. Nationally, Self-Help is a leading Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) with assets of more than $2 billion that has invested $6 billion in more than 70,000 families, individuals, businesses and non-profits.

Before his current role at Self-Help, Steve spent moch of his career in the private/financial sector, including 14 years with McCown De Leeuw & Co. -- a middle market leveraged buyout firm. Prior to that he worked at both Bain & Company and Morgan Stanley. Steve holds an MBA from Stanford Business School and a BA from Yale University, and has over the years served on many corporate and non-profit boards.

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