Amanda Ziegler

Coach & Trainer

Trainers - Tampa Bay

Amanda Ziegler who was born and raised in Tampa, FL. She has been involved in sports since a very young age. Amanda's primary sport was Softball where she played from little league to the collegiate level. As a Senior at Webber International University, her 2016 team was the first Webber Softball team to not only win Conference and Regionals but make it to the NAIA World Series.

Amanda has been coaching various sports for about 7 years and the majority of her coaching experience has been more hands on through one-on-one sport specific training. She has also worked for the City of Tampa: Parks and Recreation Department as a Coach for the Joe Abraham's Sport Camps for Youth Athletes all over Tampa Bay. Amanda's "why" is not necessarily sport related. She coaches because she understands the up-hill battle that all athletes will go through to "make it" on and off the field. As a Trainer with PCA, Amanda's ultimate goal is to help coaches and athletes create a personalized toolkit that will set them up for success in athletics as well as real life.

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