Rachel Wood

Former Professional Soccer Player, Boston Breakers

Trainers - New England

Rachel Wood has played with some of the best players in the women’s game at the University of North Carolina and the Boston Breakers.  Rachel has experienced the joy of earning two national championships and playing in a positive environment, Rachel has also experienced the challenges presented by illness, injury, and less than positive coaching. She takes very seriously the responsibility to give back and help young players reach their potential.  She is a sought after trainer for female and male soccer players at every level from youth through college athletes.  Rachel also coaches in the Weston High School girls varsity program. A popular speaker who is thoughtful, relatable, and knowledgeable about sports psychology and the power of positivity, Rachel spoke at a Positive Coaching Alliance event at Harvard University in November 2016 and is now a PCA trainer. A fierce competitor herself, Rachel knows all about how to develop competitors.

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