Charles Williamson

Former Professional Baseball Player and Lead Trainer

Trainers - Arizona

Charles Williamson is a native of Arizona.  He pitched at Gilbert High School, Arizona State University and professionally in the Diamondbacks organization.  After a shoulder injury, Charles turned to coaching.  He has worked as the lead pitching instructor for the Chicago White Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks Training Academies.  Charles has conducted over 3,000 baseball lessons and coached several teams along the way.  He is also the former Lead Trainer for the Positive Coaching Alliance in the Chicago Area, where he conducted more than 150 workshops.  He is a product liability attorney who still makes time on the weekends and evenings to teach kids.  His favorite thing about PCA is that the workshops will help shape the attitudes of coaches throughout the nation, who will in turn teach those life lessons to the next generation of young athletes.

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