Patrick Williams

Cross Country Coach at the Wylie Preparatory Academy (Wylie, TX)

"Patrick Williams is everything a parent could desire in a coach, a mentor, a role model. He challenges his athletes to push themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually in a manner where they feel empowered and encouraged. He strives to improve his coaching and training program so that athletes develop to the peak of their own individual potential – and he recognizes that each athlete possesses different capabilities. When it comes to mastering the art of running, Coach Patrick Williams doesn’t ask anything of his runners that he wouldn’t do himself. An avid runner since his own high school days, Coach knows first-hand the obstacles that a runner faces — injuries, fatigue, emotional lows and the mental battles of “I can’t do this.” He uses examples from the sport to teach real-life lessons and never forgets that winning is nice, but instilling character is the ultimate goal."

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