Chris Werle

Senior Associate Athletic Director at the University of Minnesota

Chapter Board - Minnesota

As Senior Associate Athletic Director for Strategic Communications at the University of Minnesota, Chris Werle, describes his position as “placing the U of M in the minds of the public.”

Now, as member of the Positive Coaching Alliance Minnesota Chapter Board, he will use his experience to help place PCA-Minnesota in the minds of coaches, athletes and parents across the state.

Werle, who brings experience from positions at Estee Lauder, Microsoft and Webber Shandwick, expressed humility in joining a board that now features over 20 members, including members representing the Timberwolves, Twins, Vikings and Wild.

“There are a lot of high-profile members of the board already,” Werle said. “I’m just trying to add on and see what I can do on an already high-functioning board.”

Though Werle says his coaching credentials are sparse, he is in constant contact with over 100 coaches at the University of Minnesota and he has full faith in PCA’s teachings.

Werle’s introduction to Positive Coaching Alliance was at PCA’s annual National Youth Sports Award Dinner earlier in the year in Palo Alto, California.

He was particularly impressed by hearing Joe Ehrmann, the recipient of the Ronald L. Jensen Award for Lifetime Achievement, speak at the dinner.

“As always seems to happen with these things, there was some serendipity. I had just heard Joe Ehrmann come and speak to our coaches when the local chapter reached out to me, so I was already very impressed with the work being done and the issues were top of mind,” Werle said.”After a bit more investigation I was very impressed with both work being done and the innovative methods being used. And lastly, I was blown away by the caliber of the people involved locally in this market.”

PCA’s mantra of “Better Athletes, Better People” strongly aligns with Werle’s line of thinking when it comes to youth and collegiate athletics, said Werle.

Also impacting the Rochester, Minnesota native’s decision to team up with PCA, was the chance to take on some of the challenges presenting youth athletics in today’s world.
“Additionally, I'm a sucker for a major challenge and the idea of transforming the culture of youth sports is just daunting enough to sign me up.”

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