Jim Thompson

PCA Founder

Blog Author, National Advisory Board, Trainers - SF Bay Area

Jim Thompson started PCA at Stanford University in 1998 to create a movement to transform the culture of youth sports into a Development Zone® with the goal to develop Better Athletes, Better People. PCA has helped lead a sea change in public awareness that positive coaching is the key to get the best out of youth athletes (everyone, really!) and help them become a Triple-Impact Competitor® who elevates self, teammates, and the game. PCA has 18 Chapters across the U.S. and does more than 3,000 live workshops annually for more than 1,000 youth sports organizations and partnerships with Major League Baseball and the NBA.

Jim received an MBA from Stanford where he was Director of the Public Management Program, named during his tenure as the nation's top non-profit business management program. He has written nine books including: The Double-Goal CoachElevating Your Game and The Positive Sports Parent.

An Ashoka fellow, Jim is on Stanford's Continuing Studies Program faculty where he teaches courses in coaching, leadership, and sport & spiritually.  Jim and his wife, Sandra Hietala, are founding board members of Recovery Café San José, a healing community for homeless individuals with mental illness and drug abuse issues. 

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