Ethan Stishan

LaBrae High School; Football, Track & Field, Baseball

Ethan’s actions on and off the field demonstrate a young man committed to leading and helping others through difficult situations. Off the field, he is a member of his school’s SADD Chapter, is a Boy Scout, and is a member of the Mahoning Valley Teen Institute Youth Board (a youth led drug-prevention group), and last year played a critical role in helping to promote positive mental health and de-stigmatize mental illness through a social media campaign that included information and resources such as the National Crisis Text Line. On the field, his attitude and commitment to honoring the game are just as impressive. In fact, in one football game in his junior year, Ethan was involved in a collision that resulted in his opponent breaking his collar bone. Ethan actually helped carry the player off the field and went to the ambulance to check on the player after the game. 

This past football season, his commitment and resolve were tested even further after suffering a knee injury that kept him on the sidelines for the season. Despite this being his senior year, Ethan didn’t abandon his teammates or his role encouraging and supporting his teammates, and standing by them throughout the season.

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I make sure I respect the calls that the officials make during the game. Even if I believe that the call that was made was incorrect, I know they are doing the best job that they can and understand that wrong calls are going to be made.

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