Matt Scheeline

ERM: Environmental Resources Management

Matt Scheeline joined the PCA-Sacramento Chapter Board in March 2018. He sees positive experiences in youth athletics as a way for young people to gain self-confidence, valuable relationships, and tangible life skills in a way that may not be cultivated in the standard educational system.

Graduating with a degree in Geology from UC Davis, Matt works as a Program Director/Senior Geologist for ERM, an environmental consulting company. He is a registered Professional Geologist licensed in the state of California. The majority of his work involves site investigation and remediation of soil and groundwater at Brownfields sites prior to redevelopment.

Matt grew up in the Bay Area, which explains his love of the Golden State Warriors, San Francisco 49ers, and San Jose Sharks. There is no explanation for his love of the Pittsburgh Pirates. He currently lives in the Hollywood Park neighborhood of Sacramento with his wife Sarah and two young sons Alex and Adam. His favorite thing is to coach and/or watch his sons participate in soccer, baseball, and swimming.

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