John Sandahl

Coach, Team-Builder, Speaker

Trainer - Minnesota

John Sandahl is a professional coach, team-builder and speaker with 15 years of experience helping groups around the country achieve high performance through the power of connection and mutual understanding. He grew up competing in football, soccer, basketball, hockey and cross country running. As a freshmen in college at St. John's University, he discovered that his true passion was for the team sport of Ultimate Frisbee, which combines elements of all those other sports along with the life lessons that come from a self-officiated sport.   
John has sustained a 20-year Ultimate Frisbee career while playing all over the world: he is a 4-time national, 2-time world champion and former captain of Team USA . He also coached the US National U19 girls team three times in the junior world championships in Finland, Vancouver and Germany where they medaled each time. He’s been coaching Ultimate at South High School in Minneapolis since he started the team in 2002.  
In addition to his Ultimate career, John has taught theology and coached high school boys soccer in the Bahamas, has a DANSA award for being the Outstanding lead actor in the 1999 season of Bahamian theater, and sung with a choir at Carnegie Hall in New York.
He’s passionate about helping people learn to see each other (and themselves) in a better way, and has directed anti-bullying workshops with the national non-profit Youth Frontiers for 14 years.    
John grew up in Richfield Minnesota.  He and his partner Sarah can be found cooking delicious meals and hanging out with their cats at their home in Southeast Minneapolis.  

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