Shirley Ritch

Account Executive, VP at Siemens

Local Board Member, Texas

Shirley has over 20 years of Energy lending experience globally. Most recently having served as an Account Executive, VP at Siemens, and Head of Energy Lending US at Raiffeisen Bank International, her project finance expertise of assisting greenfield energy project developers has delivered in excess of $3 billion in debt instruments across the energy value chain.

As a former ice hockey player, one of the training programs included running the equivalent of a marathon. During her dedicated years of actively playing sports, Shirley gained a meaningful structure in life by receiving effective coaching. She then developed healthy competitiveness which she also applied to her business career. Throughout her career, Shirley enjoys mentoring younger peers.

A native of South Africa, she grew up in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Austria. Being multi-cultural and multi-lingual, Shirley speaks 5 languages. She received her Bachelor’s in Economics and an Award for Excellence in Economics from the University of Connecticut. She was also a Curriculum Award Winner for the highest degree of Associate in Science in the International Business from the State University New York WCC.

Shirley lives in the Museum District of Houston. She enjoys travel, golf, skating, running, swimming, rock climbing, biking, motorbike sports, and worldwide cuisine.