Halle Razo

Perry High School: Basketball, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball



It is with great pride that I recommend Halle Razo for the Triple Impact Competitor Scholarship. She is one of the most kind, caring, and intelligent students I have ever worked with over the past twenty years in education. The first time I met Halle Razo, I was impressed with her dynamic personality and personable demeanor. As I have grown to know her I have simply found her to be one of the most delightful young woman. Halle is a dedicated, well-rounded student, a competitive athlete, and an adaptable personable leader. Halle is not only a competitive high school athlete; she also finds the time to play high level club volleyball. She started at the varsity level last season earning a varsity letter and has been a leader on the team. She is self- motivated, and very disciplined, spending many hours a week in rigorous practice. In spite of being one of the most recognized athletes in the school, Halle is known as a team player. Halle loves the challenge of sports as well as the team aspect. Her leadership abilities stand out in the classroom, in the gym, and in extracurricular activities. She is fun, easy-going, enthusiastic and pleasant to be around. It is inspiring to see Halle show compassion for her opposition, she wins and loses with grace and compassion. I highly recommend Halle Razo for the Triple Impact Competitor Scholarship. She is the type of young lady that leaves a positive impact wherever she goes


I have had the honor and privilege of being Halle Razo’s Club volleyball coach for the past two years. During this time, I have gotten to know Halle very well. Halle has many characteristics shared by elite athletes. As an individual contributor on the team, Halle has a incredible intrinsic work ethic. When she is in the gym or on the court, she is working hard physically and mentally. Because of the high level of her skill, the coaching staff may or may not spend time working with her in some practices, and coaching her as much as some other problematic players. During these times, you can expect the same high performance as always.

In her position, she must dive, and go to the ground a lot. Lazy players will stand up, and not go for a lot of players. You can always expect Halle to be aggressive for any ball within her potential to play. She is always on the ground when there is a chance at making a play on the ball.

She leads the team around her through her example of this work ethic. Her passion and 100% effort all the time spreads to those around her, and is inspiring to not only the team, but to the coaching staff and those around her and watching her. When asked for her opinion, her comments are intelligent, positive, and pertinent to the situation. When she says something, it merits value and attention. She also is a great ambassador for the game. She is positive, hard working, consistently makes incredibly athletic plays, and is very fun to watch. She is a good example of what skills a defensive player should be good at. Halle’s intrinsic work ethic, combined with her natural talent, makes her one of the top players in the country in her position.

She plays at a very, very high level, and has the physical, and mental attributes to make her a fantastic college recruit. Any team would be lucky to have Halle for what she brings to the court, and to the example she sets to others around her.

It’s been a treat coaching Halle. She’s a great person, and a great player.

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