Joel Newman

Owner, Soccer Shots

Joel is the Owner of Soccer Shots, locally owned and operated company developing children ages 2-8 through soccer. In this role Joel sets the organizational vision, forms major partnerships, develops staff and occasionally gets to coach. Impacting 5000+ children ages 2-8 across the 4 county metro area, Joel is passionate about people and child development. A graduate of The Ohio State University with a BA in the Study of Religion and a Master in Business with a focus in Marketing, Joel loves exploring ideas which have the potential to change our society for the better.

Now a proud husband and father, Joel’s career began working as a camp counselor, Sunday school teacher, neighborhood babysitter and tutor. That somehow veered into stints in the restaurant industry, waiting tables, cooking and spending 2 years in managing. There Joel picked up a big love for cooking and a small amount of skill in it.

After a short time in retail banking while in school pursuing his masters, Joel moved from Ohio to Los Angeles and began working for the Australian Trade Commission, an agency in the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or DFAT. He went in a Business Development Manager and departed 8 years later a Senior Director of US Market Development.

Ready for a life change, Joel hopped in his canary yellow Mini Cooper and spent 3 months driving the backroads of America visiting old family and friends. During this wild and wonderful trip, Joel visited Portland and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. When the chance to open Soccer Shots arose, he leapt. In January 2011, Joel was the only employee at at Soccer Shots, he did everything for the 82 families that joined the fun. Almost 8 years later, Soccer Shots employees 20+ passionate people while serving more than 2000 players per season. In addition to running Soccer Shots, Joel serves on the board of Active Children Portland, and attends all Timbers home games.

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