Travis Myers

Mountain Pointe High School: Football, Track, Wrestling


GREG DAYOOB – Wrestling Coach

I am happy to serve as a reference for Travis Myers. I am Travis’s head wrestling coach and I have worked with him for a couple of years now. I have selected Travis to be a team captain for his upcoming senior year, an honor we take very seriously in our program.

Travis is always working to improve himself, despite being a multi-sport athlete Travis never makes excuses or misses opportunities to get better. For example during the spring Travis would come to open mat workouts and then leave just a bit early to run directly to football spring training. Many athletes would only do one or the other, but Travis refuses to take the easy road, his focus is always on improving and being his best.

As a leader Travis demonstrates all the characteristics of a true leader. He regularly goes above and beyond to encourage a teammate or show them support. He is never selfish and truly cares about others, for example at a tournament last year, Travis had drawn a very tough bracket and was coming off an injury. Since the tournament wasn’t seeded he ended up wrestling two of the very top raked wrestlers in the state in his first and third matches. He lost a very close match by one point and was eliminated much earlier than he expected or was used to. Despite his disappointment, he remained focused on his teammates and was in the corner for his teammates matches for the rest of the tournament. He was almost like having another coach, helping them warm up and cheering them on. I know he was very disappointed in his early elimination, but instead of sulking as so many athletes would have, he became a positive leader and supported his team. It really stood out what a caring teammate and natural leader he was.

Travis is respectful of every aspect of wrestling. He demonstrates respect for its traditions, its history which he has made an effort to know and understand, as well as the people who participate in it. He carries himself with dignity and humility every time he steps on the mat. Win or lose he shakes his opponent’s hand as well as the opposing coach’s hand respectfully and sincerely. He constantly models what we believe it means to be a wrestler. He is an everyday example to the younger wrestlers, and they all look up to him which is great. He also goes out of his way to mentor the younger teammates and take an interest in them, treating them with respect. They naturally respond to this and it has made a significant impact on the team and for the program as a whole.

RICKI CASSUTT – School Administrator

Travis Myers defines what it means to be a student-athlete on our high school campus. He is a student first and foremost as he places great emphasis in his academics. He has opted to take one of the most rigorous course load a student can pursue and is currently ranked in the top 7% of his class. I have spoken with several of his teachers over the last three years who only have positive comments to make about his classroom potential and behavior.

Travis is every coach’s dream. While he may not always be the best player on each time he participates in, his work ethic and ability to motivate his teammates is inspirational! He is an optimistic individual, as you can overhear him in the huddles encouraging his teammates to try a little harder and believe in themselves. Travis is also a rule follower and struggles to understand players who focus on solely winning at any cost. Travis believes positive results and game wins comes from hard work and pushing oneself mentally and physically.


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