Polly Middleton

Community Philanthropist

Local Board Member, Mid-Atlantic

Polly Middleton has spent the last 25 years raising her three children. In this time she has also volunteered at her children’s schools, and other local non-profit organizations. Prior to raising her children she was an elementary school teacher in the Northern Virginia area.

Polly grew up in Michigan where she competed in a variety of sports. Her athletic passions were running, flat water kayaking and canoeing. She competed at the national level in both kayaking and canoeing in the US and Canada. She graduated from the University of Michigan where she competed on the rowing team.

Polly’s first coaching experiences were at a 7 week sports camp in Canada. The camp was founded in 1920 by her grandfather primarily as a swim camp. Camp Chikopi (boys) and Camp Ak-O-Mak (girls) shaped her love for all sports and taught her the value of positive coaching. Both camps trained National and Olympic swimmers and paddlers from all over the world. During her 15 years at Ak-O-Mak, she was exposed to many high caliber coaches.

As a parent Polly has been involved in her own children’s sports as a volunteer and as a support to her three children, their coaches and teammates. She first became aware of PCA when her husband used the online resources while coaching their children in basketball and volleyball. They both quickly realized PCA’s philosophies matched their own. Polly is excited to be a part of PCA-Mid-Atlantic and looks forward to bringing the “power of positive” to DC, Maryland and Virginia.

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