Charlie Maher

Sport & Performance Psychologist, Cleveland Indians

National Advisory Board, Blog Author

Charles A. Maher, PsyD, CC-AASP, is Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University. He is a licensed psychologist in several states and also is a Certified Consultant of the Association for Advancement of Sport Psychology (AASP). Charlie possesses 26 years of sustained professional experience in  the design and delivery of programs, products, services and systems in areas of sport psychology and performance enhancement at individual, team, and organizational levels in professional baseball, basketball, football, hockey, tennis, boxing, horse racing, other sports, the performing arts, and with corporate entities. Currently, Charlie is Sport Psychologist and Director of Psychological Services for the Cleveland Indians, a position that he has held since 1995. He also serves as Sport Psychologist for the Cleveland Cavaliers and also functions as performance consultant to several National Football League Teams as well as to the New York Rangers. In addition, Charlie serves as Sport Psychologist for the Rutgers University football team and to its Men’s and Women’s basketball teams, along with being an advisor to the Rutgers Department of Sports Medicine. Charlie began his professional career as a teacher of emotionally disturbed adolescents and as a public school administrator. He also coached basketball and baseball at the high school and college levels. Charlie is a fellow of a range of several psychological societies. He sits on the board of editors of many scientific journals including the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sport and the Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology. In addition, he, has a published a number of books and articles in peer-reviewed journals, both within and outside of the sport psychology domain. His two most recent books are, The Complete Mental Game of Baseball: Taking Charge of the Process, On and Off the Field and Planning and Evaluating Human Services Programs: A Resource Guide for Practitioners.

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